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Members of TC Robotics


Andy Baker


My name is Andy Baker; I have been working at Ashley Furniture in Automation and Robotics since 1998.  In 2017, after noticing a disparity in my local area's engineering and tech education, I decided to start up Trempealeau County Robotics. I wouldn't be nearly as motivated without the support of my wonderful children, Julia, Carlie, and Brandon, and my wife, Mandy, During my free time I love to go camping or watch NASCAR and Football. 

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Betty Bkaer


My name is Betty Baker and I am a Product Engineer at Ashley  Furniture.  I use Solidworks as my CAD tool.

I am a Certified Solidworks Professional (CSWP), the President of our local Solidworks User Group,  and I recently became the Solidworks User Group Network Midwest US Rep. I am married to Al Baker and I have two wonderful grown boys.  

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Hi, my name is Ian and I'm a senior at Arcadia High school. In my free time I like to watch TV and Program. 

Senior, Programing


Hello, my name is Jose and i'm a Sophomore at Arcadia High School. I enjoy singing and playing any kind of instruments. I like playing the guitar the most though. 

Sophomore, Programing


Hi, my name is Joe and i'm a Freshmen at Arcadia High school. I love playing football and playing the piano. 

Freshmen, Construction


My name is Brayden and i'm a Freshmen at Independence High School. In my free time I enjoy listening to music and playing guitar. 

Freshman, Programing


My name is Julia and I am Senior at G-E-T. After high school, I am pursuing a career in the design field. My goal is to get my degree at UW-Stout. In my free time I like to watch The Office and makeup videos. 

Senior, Soildworks


My name is Braeden and I am a Junior at Blair-Taylor. I am in band and forensics. During my free time I like to play Fortnite and hangout with my niece Mia.

Junior, Construction


My name is Carlie and i'm a Sophomore at G-E-T High School. I like to hangout with my friends and listen to music.

Sophomore, Marketing


My name is Isaiah, and I am a Sophomore. During my free time I like to do origami, RC aircraft, FPV quad flying, and tinkering with old electronics. I plan on going to a community college for a couple of years, then I plan on going to Plattville for Electrical Engineering. 

Sophomore, Soildworks


My name is Ryan and I am a Sophomore at Blair-Taylor. I like to listen to music and play videogames. 

Sophomore, Construction

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Kristy Crebo

I am a Mechanical Designer at Titan Air. I am amazed by the opportunities that this robotics program offers the students, and am equally amazed by what the students have been able to achieve. In my spare time, I enjoy photography, turkey hunting, making maple syrup, and spending time with my family.


Mandy Baker

I'm Mandy and I work at Ashley Furniture as a Casegoods Assembly Supervisor. I am a Mentor for marketing.  I love NASCAR, NHRA Drag Racing, Football (Go Pack Go), gardening, crafting  and camping with my Family.  

Marketing Mentor

Issac Weaver

My name is Isaac; I have  been passionate about science my entire life. I started programming at age 10 and I have gone on to work part time doing web-development for Coulee Tech as well as many freelance programming jobs. In my free time I love watching math videos and SpaceX launch live streams. 

Programming Mentor

Anna Bragger

My name is Anna and I am a student at UW-LaX/ future geneticist/evolutionary biologist (specializing in evolutionary anthropology). Hobbies include amateur taxidermy, showing livestock, and sketching. 

Scouting Mentor

Mitch Lakowske


Programming Mentor

Sam Robinson

Programming Mentor

Cody Wolfe

My name is Cody Wolfe and I am a Automation Designer for Ashley Furniture I am a mentor in this team for the SolidWorks group. During my free time I like to be with my family and also mountain biking. 

Construction Mentor

Danny Higgins

My name is Danny Higgins and I am Principal Mechanical at Benchmark Electronics. I went to the University of Maryland and i'm currently working in Medical Product Design. 

Soildwroks Mentor

Rob Weaver

Construction Mentor

Jennifer Hessler

My name is Jennifer and I am mentor on this team. I have been a Dance Coach at Blair-Taylor and I have been working there for 26 years. During my free time I like to spend time with my three kids and my husband Chuck. 


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Want to become a member or mentor for TC Robotics? Feel free to contact us.