Trempealeau County Robotics (TC Robotics) is a First Robotics team that was founded in 2018.  Trempealeau County Wisconsin is located in West Central Wisconsin and our community is made up of many rural schools.  Our team is made up of students from five different high schools that team up together at Ashley Furniture's Automation & Robotics facility in Arcadia, WI.   


At the end of the official First 2019 competitions,  TC Robotics decided that we needed to improve to be competitive with the best teams in the world.  Our team decided to attend three off-season events held in Duluth, Woodbury and Prior Lake Minnesota.  In Duluth we lost in the semi-finals and in Woodbury we qualified second and won the event.  We also traveled to Prior Lake and came home with another win. As a second year team we are working extremely hard to catch up with more experienced teams.  Our team has high expectations and we strive to become one of the best in the world.